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PIVOTPoint has served hundreds of individuals with our therapeutic adventure work.

We count on help from our advocates, volunteers, and donors to help move us forward and serve many more. Want to help us keep this momentum going? See all the ways you can help us provide access to adventure programs. 

There are a lot of moving parts to PIVOTPoint WNC, and all donated funds provide us opportunities to keep our non-profit running for the benefit of those in recovery and the community.

Any funds you donate are put towards:

  • Participant subsidies: helping those who can’t afford a “seat on the van”
  • Cutting-edge facilitator training and professional development
  • Vehicle purchases and maintenance/upkeep
  • Essential outdoor equipment
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We always have an urgent need for funds and well-maintained outdoor equipment. 

If you have outdoor equipment that is usable and well-maintained but you’re just not using it, give us a call! We’re always on the lookout for things like: 

  • Climbing gear
  • Inclement weather gear/layers
  • Med-kit supplies 
  • Rafting equipment
  • Camping/trekking gear 

Get in touch to arrange a meeting to evaluate whether your equipment matches our current needs. 


For those who want to donate a gift of their time, we use volunteers to do a variety of tasks within the organization.

We have places for volunteers who are willing to help us with:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Making phone calls
  • Soliciting donations

Please Contact us if you’d like to assist us in our mission of connecting those in recovery to the outdoors and each other.

On the other side of PIVOTPoint WNC, we are always looking for folks who are:

  • Wilderness guides
  • Outdoor leadership grads
  • Adventure therapists 
  • Licensed clinicians
  • Substance abuse counselors  
  • Those actively pursuing these and other roles


We are looking for those who have worked with us or have a special connection to the recovery and mental health communities to speak about their experiences with PIVOTPoint WNC!

Spread the News

Whether on social media or helping us advocate for helpful legislation, our collective community voices hold the power to create a common good.

See our social posts, repost them, or share your own moments! And reach out if you want to learn more specific ways that you can advocate for both PIVOTPoint WNC and our mission to create connections. Let’s create an online community that is as strong as our real-life connections.  

Careers & Opportunities

We track how it’s going – in the work we are doing with clients and within the community; and, internally as an organization. When the feedback loops dictate that it’s time to expand our offerings to match the need, to grow our team, or to reach into new areas of the work, we’ll post about those opportunities here. If you’re interested in staff, leadership team, or board opportunities, get in touch.

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