Preventative Leadership

Supporting High School Students Reach Their Potential

Provided as an enrichment offering, Adolescent Preventative Leadership is a 10-week, afterschool program for local high school aged students. This is a dynamic setting for intentional time together. Focus is on communication, core value identification, personal agency development, and healthy peer interaction. 

three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

How it Works

We’ll have multiple meetings with area high school students, parents, counselors, leadership, and staff to discuss who might best benefit from this program. After orientation sessions to address all questions, we’ll meet with a small group of up to 10 students just before school lets out and head to nearby private acreage to talk about goals, challenges, and learn about the patterns that students are already aware of. Then we’ll co-create a path towards healthy interactions within school, family, and social life. We’ll arrange group- and team-based activities to help get some dynamic movement going and talk about how best to move forward in alignment with our shared goals. We’ll go beyond talking this stuff out and dive into some engaging activities to stimulate awareness and step into changed behaviors.

Experiential Coaching

  • Hiking
  • Team Building Initiatives
  • Paddleboarding

We Provide

  • Experiential Coaches
  • Adventure Equipment
  • Transportation

We track student programs before and after each session of the 10-week cohort. This information is collected to best monitor student progress through the weeks. This data also helps strengthen our offering and student approaches. Be keeping this data secure and available to school counselors and family members involved, we can make sure that everyone can stay on the same page during our work together.

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