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Therapeutic Adventure Work – Transformation Through Relationship

This is an opportunity for you to get a little more comfortable with discomfort. This process is rooted in curiosity and consistency. Activity-based groups lay the groundwork. Each day, we check in with where we’re at – this sets the baseline for what comes next. Whatever you’re bringing with you each day is where we start. We’ll lean into that anxiety around a connecting with your parents or partner; that excitement about a 2nd or 3rd chance at work or school you didn’t think you’d get; those doubts in the pit of your stomach about what’s coming next.

What is Therapeutic Adventure?

Therapeutic adventure offers practical tools to counter challenging self-talk, impulsive decision making, and low self-esteem. Our program and team helps identify areas of strength and resilience. We’ll help you develop relationships that support and maintain healthy living – with yourself and others. We’re asking you to do difficult things. We’re asking you to change. And we’re asking you to let us be a part of that. It’s a big ask. We believe intentional time in nature is an effective way to bring about change. We believe adventure based activities facilitate this change. We believe that regular, real-world integration opportunities establish solid footing for healthy living.

Mastering new skills and gaining confidence

Self-discovery and teamwork

Exploring different perspectives

Where This Happens

We respectfully acknowledge that the land we use is ancestral land of the Anikituwagi, more commonly known as the Cherokee.

Exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding areas of Western North Carolina – from rafting down the Nantahala to hiking in Pisgah, to climbing some of the oldest mountains in the world – each experience has something new to offer our clients.

We are permitted to operate in:

  • DuPont State Forest
  • Chimney Rock State Park – Rumbling Bald, in compliance with Special Activities
  • Pisgah National Forest, in compliance with USFS
  • Conservation lands surrounding Asheville, NC
  • Several privately held landscapes with which we hold agreements
three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

Our Mission

PIVOTPoint WNC is a therapeutic adventure program. We offer intentional group facilitation to promote connection, compassion, and character for individuals facing challenges around mental/behavioral health and substance use. We are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work.

Our Vision

Healthy communication. Self-confidence based on emotional awareness and intelligence. Purposeful lives guided by core values, empathy, and consistency. We see adventure based activities as an effective mechanism for behavior change. Regular treks, climbs, paddles, and peddles lay the groundwork for fresh perspectives on self esteem, problem solving, and living life. Spend a few weeks with us practicing follow through, accountability, and honesty; and you’ll be able to take those skills into whatever comes next.

a bright green leaf is held up to the forest light for examination
three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

Our Community

We’re a group of people learning to surf. Letting loose on the need to control, and finding ways to navigate life on life’s terms with some ease and comfort. Some of us have watched others walk through unbelievable obstacles and challenges. Some of us have watched as others couldn’t. And some of us have been through the fire ourselves. The goal here is to provide the opportunity for you to find a way through. To pivot. To step with more confidence into tomorrow than you had yesterday. There’s a lot more folks here to support you make this shift than you might think.

Our Approach

We believe in healing through doing. We believe that the calming, grounding impact of being in nature is an effective foundation for change. We believe that healthy self-talk and social interaction is a lost art. We provide skills development around navigating overwhelm, doubt, grief, loss and frustration. We introduce calming and grounding skills that are practical and usable in your everyday life. We provide new approaches to finding safety and courage in feeling emotions when they come up; rather than running from them. We do this out in the woods, on the rivers and mountain tops, and in everyday community-based settings. We know there are multiple access points to healing. We find the prescriptive use of the outdoors to be an effective one.

three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

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