Powerful healing happens in fellowship and community.
Transformation occurs in our natural environment.
PIVOTPoint WNC delivers this restorative combination.

three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

Therapeutic Adventure Work

PIVOTPoint is an innovative therapeutic adventure company that harnesses the power of nature to drive transformation.

We deliver a unique combination of outdoor adventure and real-world challenges, enabling our clients to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.

Who We Support

We offer small group therapeutic adventure facilitation that promotes connection, compassion, and character-building for teenagers and young adults facing challenges with mental health, behavioral health, and substance use.

three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

Since beginning the program, my son has been steadily moving in a positive direction. I can see the light returning to his eyes. I can have meaningful conversations with him. These are the first and most important steps toward building back broken trust and fostering the kind of growth he needs to successfully transition into adulthood. This program is unquestionably invaluable. A gem in a daunting and overwhelming sea of counseling, therapy and rehab.

– Father of a young adult client

What is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure Therapy is an experiential therapy model that uses outdoor adventure to aid in personal growth, discovery, and healing. Therapeutic adventure offers practical tools to counter challenging self-talk, impulsive decision making, and low self-esteem. At PIVOTPoint, therapeutic adventure is core to every program.

Our Programs

At PIVOTPoint, we provide therapeutic adventure programs that help clients identify areas of strength and resilience.

We help you develop relationships that support and maintain healthy living – with yourself and others.

  • We ask you to do difficult things. 
  • We ask you to take a hard look at yourself and how you show up in the world.
  • We ask you to reframe that. To try new ways of relating to yourself and your world.
  • We ask you to get used to life playing out other than the way you want.
  • We ask you to change
  • And we ask you to let us be a part of that.

Signature Program:

The PIVOTPoint Program

Our signature program is a six-week therapeutic adventure program designed to help clients PIVOT from the woods to the real world – with support.

A father and son sit on a mountaintop together

Family Intensives

3-day adventure immersions for the entire family that focus on collaborative healing through wilderness experiences.

Hikers on trail in autumn

Group Intensives

Our experienced team of facilitators delivers micro-immersion adventure series available to community partners.

Fly Fishing

Day Program

We partner with county and community partners to deliver single-day therapeutic adventures. Bike, climb, paddle, hike, and more in a supportive environment.

We believe intentional time in nature is an effective way to bring about change.
We believe adventure-based activities facilitate this change.
We believe that regular, real-world integration is essential to establish solid footing for healthy living.

Get Involved

At PIVOTPoint WNC we know that true healing requires community.
Help us realize our vision by volunteering, advocating, or donating.

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