Adolescent Diversion

A 10-week Diversion Program in Cooperation with the Department of Juvenile Justice

Therapeutic adventure is increasingly recognized by the therapeutic community as a powerful and effective intervention. Through this subsidized, Experiential Coaching Module, we can remove some of the barriers to access that our community members face. With Adolescent Diversion Program, our goal is to make it safe and easy to provide engaging experiential coaching to help students gain self-awareness and personal agency. 

three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

How it Works

We have multiple engagement with referring agencies and prospective students to explore goals, challenges, and perceived obstacles to address. We will maintain regular contact with court counselors, school resource officers, and family members to share progress and growth notes.

Depending on the season, we’ll set up dynamic, engaging activities like mountain climbing and whitewater rafting to throw into a steady mix of prescriptive therapeutics to maximize the effectiveness of our time together. This is a team-building experience designed with intentionality and skill. 

Experiences we facilitate:

  • Mountain biking
  • Rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Hiking

An Experienced Team

Our experienced team of facilitators debrief throughout the experience, making certain our team is meeting the individual needs of each member of the group. We are cross-referencing an extensive curriculum of experiential groups and activities with your stated goals and desired outcomes; drawing from years of experience facilitating therapeutic groups in various outdoor settings – mental health, behavioral health, wilderness and adventure programs.

We are skilled at maintaining a challenging yet safe environment for you to test drive the practical application of the pro-social skill building in a real-life setting. Each team also includes wilderness safety certification, further assuring the safety of your group.

Comprehensive Insights

We will meet immediately following our time together while the experience is alive and fresh, reviewing observations and your therapeutic goals. We’ll share these debriefs – along with suggested next steps – with everyone involved. That way, you’ll leave not only having shared in this amazing experience, but also with comprehensive insights and reflections on how your group is engaging with the program, relating to themselves and one another, and progressing on goals.

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