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A Day Program Series – For Community Partners

Experiential coaching offers powerful experiential tools to increase self-awareness, challenge self-limiting beliefs, teach mindfulness-based skills of self-regulation and resilience, learn effective interpersonal skills, and to develop the types of relationships that support and maintain change. At PIVOTPoint WNC, we are mission-driven to offer a unique, effective, goal-oriented adventure series to adults in our area. 

three teens sit on a boulder overlooking a beautiful swimming hole in Western North Carolina

How it Works

The program takes place outdoors and in partnership with county and community partners. Goal setting, accountability, emotional awareness, effective communication and follow through are the keys to growth and healthy relationships, and the adventure experiences create a unique platform to teach such critical life skills.

The adventures themselves allow opportunities for participants to track their progress in more tangible ways than traditional forms of therapy allow. Relationship to self and others is deepened, and the shared adventures create unique opportunities for in-depth therapeutic processing & group facilitation. Through this proven process, our clients build a foundation of critical life skills that support community involvement, increased self-reflection, and commitment to growth.

Key findings are shared with existing clinical and community-based supports as necessary.

Experiential Coaching

  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paddle Boarding

We Provide

  • Therapeutic Facilitators
  • Adventure Equipment
  • Transportation

We also offer debriefing sessions after each outing, providing client-specific observations and reflections from multiple perspectives. Comprehensive, written notes and synopses are recorded in these sessions and presented to your team weekly!

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